A Simplified Digital Marketing Plan

Get organized.

Are you good at your business but are lost when people talk about digital marketing? Do you have a website you haven’t updated in months and social media you rarely check? I want to help you get on top of things in your digital marketing.

Your digital marketing won’t improve by just throwing money at your search ads since less than 10% of people click on paid ads, and approximately 94% of all search traffic goes to organic results — It will improve by: setting goals , following a marketing schedule and assigning marketing responsibilities to your employees or yourself. 

Goals and a schedule will help you get a clearer picture of what you need to do and when. Making a plan can help you see how your digital marketing is working and which areas need improvement. A plan will also help you stay ahead of things instead of responding to situations as they arise.

Before creating a digital marketing plan:

Take a good look at your brand's identity and  personality — think about your image and how you want your brand perceived by the world. Ask yourself why your brand is unique? What is your desired tone of voice and attitude when talking to your audience? What is your core message?

Get clear on your target audience — The types of people you are trying to market and sell to, their demographics? (age, gender, location, etc.) What are their subjective qualities (interests, attitudes, and opinions) and the best places to reach them with your digital marketing? Where are they active on social media? Are there blogs and websites they visit you could be advertising on, and what keywords do they search?

With that in place, let’s get a digital marketing plan. A digital marketing plan should outline: 

1. Goals

After considering your identity and audience, think broadly about your business goals — what you want your digital marketing to accomplish. It could be: boosting sales, improving your brand awareness, social media presence, or appealing to a new audience.

3. Channels

What digital marketing channels will you use — (a website, social media.) Ensure your digital marketing channels are all updated and working optimally. Start with your website and make sure the user experience (UX) lets people do what they came to do with ease. Your website should look good on mobile phones and tablets. Your SEO should be optimized. Next, think about your social media accounts and how you can engage more with your audience. Make a plan for creating content, who will be responsible, and when it will happen.

2. Actions

Now think about the specific actions you need to do to accomplish your goals. For example, creating viral posts, creating blog posts, making a video for your online TV channel, updating a special offer or discounts on your website or creating a social media or google ad, etc.

4. Who/ when

Who is responsible for what tasks, and when will they be done? When you have your digital marketing channels up to speed, create a schedule and assign responsibilities. It can include when you want to write and send emails, when you want to make social media posts, and how often you need to monitor your ads. After making a schedule, decide who should be responsible for doing each step. If your business doesn't have people qualified to do all the tasks and is has the budget, working with an outside marketing agency to run your programs is a good option.

Now that you know how a digital marketing plan comes together, let’s create a sample statement about one of your goals and how you can achieve it.

What's one of your goals?

More social media followers.

What's a marketing channel you'll use to take your action?


What's an action you need to take to achieve this goal?

Create viral content.

Who on your team will be responsible?


Sample statement from questions above:

I want more social media followers. To do this, my brand needs to create viral posts. I will use Instagram, and I want Kenneth to work on this next week.

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